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Quadraad, the magazine of EEMCS, has been given a facelift. Read and share all articles on-line...

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EEMCS - the movie

Meet the faculty of EEMCS! Eva, our home care robot, will show you around...

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Meet our bloggers and read about the experiences, struggles and high lights of Bachelor and Master students of the...

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Tomorrow, on 1 December, Mina Shahmohammadi will o...Continue


Koen Hindriks (Interactive Intelligence) boosts th...Continue


Who says that scientific papers only preach theory...Continue


Zaid Al-Ars and his team won a new award: the firs...Continue


The interactive app developed by TU Delft, Utrecht...Continue



Participation and Interaction in Projects. A Game-...Continue


Radar networks performance analysis and topology o...Continue


Cluster Management System Design for Big Data Infr...Continue


Stochastic Optimal Control based on Monte Carlo Si...Continue


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