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Quadraad, the magazine of EEMCS, has been given a facelift. Read and share all articles on-line...

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EEMCS - the movie

Meet the faculty of EEMCS! Eva, our home care robot, will show you around...

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Meet our bloggers and read about the experiences, struggles and high lights of Bachelor and Master students of the...

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The programme starts at 11:30 with the presentatio...Continue


Tamara Kloek has been selected as EWI's best gradu...Continue


If we are to tame fungi and optimize their extreme...Continue


The solar powered eBike (wireless) charching stati...Continue


Interested in exploring the Asian market? YES!Delf...Continue



Perceptual metrics of light fields. Promotor1: pro...Continue


Steady state and transient studies behavior of und...Continue


Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Machines for Wind T...Continue


Large Scale Image Retrieval for Location Estimatio...Continue


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