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Bachelor Open Days

Join us for the Bachelor Open Days at the TU Delft on 21 and 24 October 2016.

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Quadraad, the magazine of EEMCS, has been given a facelift. Read and share all articles on-line...

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EEMCS - the movie

Meet the faculty of EEMCS! Eva, our home care robot, will show you around...

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Meet our bloggers and read about the experiences, struggles and high lights of Bachelor and Master students of the...

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TU Delft is set to collaborate with ABN AMRO on th...Continue


Kees Oosterlee (DIAM) will be holding a lecture on...Continue


Eelco Visser (Programming Languages Research group...Continue


The programme starts at 11:30 with the presentatio...Continue


On Wednesday, 12 October, Executive Board Presiden...Continue



Entropy and Kolmogorov Complexity. Promotor 1: Pro...Continue


Governing Governance. A Formal Framework for Analy...Continue


On parametric transversal vibrations of axially mo...Continue


Relative Space-Time Kinematics of an Anchorless Ne...Continue


The Virtual Surgical Pelvis: Anatomy Visualization...Continue


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