EEMCS Master Kick-Off

Are you starting with a Master’s Programme at the EEMCS faculty this September?

All students starting with a Master in Sustainable Energy Technology, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Embedded Systems in September 2017 are expected to join the Master Kick-Off. The Master kick-Off is the official start of the master’s programmes in the EEMCS faculty.

During the Master Kick-Off you will:

  • Get familiar with the master coordinators and the Research groups in Delft
  • Carry out challenging interdisciplinary assignments
  • Get to know your fellow students
  • Learn more about working in multicultural groups
  • And much more..

During the Master Kick-Off you will get a chance to work in groups from different nationalities on interdisciplinary workshops. You will get a chance to prepare for the global workplace, by working with students from around the world. You get a chance to form a network with your fellow freshman master students from the faculty that will help you to get an easy start and be valuable in your professional life.

You will find more detailed information about the MKO programme and registration on this page soon.


If you are a TU Delft bachelor student and you have any questions concerning admission to the masters programme or if you require a positive advice for admission, please send an email to the academic counsellor:


For further questions mail to:

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