Minor in Luleå , Zweden

Celine Swennenhuis 
Technische Wiskunde

Mijn naam is Céline Swennenhuis en ik ben student Technische Wiskunde aan de TU Delft. Momenteel zit ik in mijn laatste jaar van mijn bachelor. Voor mijn minor heb ik besloten om naar Luleå te gaan en om daar Computer Science te studeren voor een semester aan de LTU. In mijn blog lees je hoe het is om een half jaar in het buitenland te studeren.


Minor in Lissabon

Chantal Olieman
Technische Informatica

Mijn naam is Chantal Olieman en ik ben student Technische Informatica aan de TU Delft. Momenteel zit ik in mijn laatste jaar van mijn bachelor. Voor mijn minor heb ik besloten om naar Lissabon te gaan om daar Information Systems and Computer Engineer te studeren voor een semester aan de Instituto Superior Técnico. In mijn blog lees je hoe het is om een half jaar in het buitenland te studeren.

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EWI Bloggers


David de Gruijl - Electrical Engineering

Ik ben David de Gruijl, en ik ben een eerstejaars Electrical Engineering student aan de TU Delft. In deze blog ga ik jullie het aankomende jaar op de hoogte houden van mijn leven hier in Delft. Ik hoop dat ik jullie een goed beeld kan geven over hoe het leven van een Elektro student in Delft er uit ziet!

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Annemieke - Technische Wiskunde

Hoi! Ik ben Annemieke, eerstejaars student Technische Wiskunde aan de TU Delft. In deze blog zal ik jullie elke twee weken op de hoogte houden van wat er allemaal in mijn eerste jaar als wiskundestudent gebeurt. Ik hoop dat je hierdoor een beter beeld krijgt van de studie en van het studentenleven in Delft. Een studiekeuze is lastig, dus ik hoop dat deze blog je een beetje helpt!

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Esmee Huijten - Dubbele bachelor TWTN

Mijn naam is Esmee Huijten, ik ben 18 jaar en eerstejaars student Technische Wiskunde en Technische Natuurkunde aan de TU Delft. In dit blog zal ik jullie elke 2 weken wat vertellen over wat ik zoal doe bij de studie, hoe ik het volgen van 2 studies en het studeren ervaar, en hoe het is om te wonen in Delft.

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Maaike - Technische Informatica

Hallo allemaal! Laat ik me even voorstellen. Ik ben Maaike, 21 jaar, eerstejaars Technische Informatica, en ik zal jullie in deze blogs alles vertellen over de studie, en natuurlijk het studentenleven!

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Melissa Wijchers - Applied Mathematics

Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm a 23 year old Dutch Applied Mathematics Master student. I have completed my Bachelor's degree at TU Delft and have been living here for five years. In my blog you can read about my experiences in this Master programme, as well as student activities and personal hobby's!


Roberto Mol - Computer Engineering

Hi, I am Roberto Mol, 21 years old and a first year's Master Student Computer Engineering. I finished my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft in July, 2015. I started my Master in Computer Engineering in September of that year also at the TU Delft. I'm an avid gamer; I like to play computer games such as League of Legends and the typical MMORPG's, but I also like to play on the XBOX (Fifa, Halo). I also like to do sports. I play tennis, football and I play Ultimate Frisbee at TU Delft's own Ultimate Frisbee club Force Elektro. I always make sure to have some free time for these things besides studying. I am a Promotioner for the EEMCS Faculty of the TU Delft and I have worked as a TA for one of TU Delft's courses.

Blog: http://rgmol.weblog.tudelft.nl

Shakir Khan - Computer Science: EIT

I am studying my second year of the MSc (in Digital Media Technology and Entrepreneurship & Innovation) programme at TU Delft under EIT Digital Master School. I have accomplished my first year study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. It’s a double degree mobility programme.

I am from Bangladesh, far from Europe and I had my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT-OIC), Bangladesh. I have had the opportunity of mingling with different cultures and tastes since my bachelor. But born and brought-up in a South-Asian developing country and direct to a whole new Europe was a trickling experience for me, I say. A lot of great things I explored, I adopt, I enjoyed and finally I learned to survive.

I am always keen to meet new people, visit new places and finding new idea/scope. I am concrete, rational, structured and businesslike. Apart from everything, I am a passionate photographer. I like capturing the moment I feel live and I am dourly devoted to street photography. Another most important thing about me is - "I am a Total Car Freak"!

Blog: http://mskhan.weblog.tudelft.nl

Ani Dimitroval - Computer Science (ST)

My name is Ani, shortened from Anelia. I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, but live and study in Delft. I’ve studied Automation and Robotics in my Bachelors at TU Sofia. Now I study Masters degree in Computer Science, Software Technology at Delft University of Technology.
I am interested in technology, programming, travelling, sports. I read fantasy books and books based on true stories. I try to improve my skills and knowledge in many areas in my free time, that includes learning foreign languages, learning new programming languages or improving the ones I know, reading about history or watching documentary movies. I am a big Trance music fan and I love to meet the people whose music I admire, i.e. the DJs and producers I listen to.

Blog: openyourmind.weblog.tudelft.nl/

Sander van den Oever - Computer Science: Software Technology

Hi! My name is Sander van den Oever and I am following the Software Technology track within the Computer Science master programme at Delft University of Technology. Every month I will post a blog about my life as a student here in Delft.

Blog: svandenoever.weblog.tudelft.nl

Fahim Riaz - Electrical Engineering: ESE

I am Fahim Riaz from Pakistan, student of Master in Electrical Sustainable Energy. Through my blogs I want to connect to people and share my thoughts, experience with the readers. I hope that my experience and thoughts are able to help you and me connect with each other.

Blog: https://riaz.weblog.tudelft.nl/



Harish Krishnappa - Electrical Engineering: ESE

Hallo/Hoi, I am Harish Krishnappa, an engineering enthusiast, avid traveler, photographer,love engaging in the culinary arts and this list goes on :P I'm a First year masters student in Electrical sustainable energy (ESE) at TU-Delft. I got my bachelor degree from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, INDIA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I did my thesis in Protective relays and would love to continue working on it, here in TUD. If you want to know more about it we can talk about it when we meet. This will be my first time blogging, so here goes nothing....... ENJOY!

Blog: https://harishkrishnappa.weblog.tudelft.nl

Siddhartha Garud - Electrical Engineering: Microelectronics

Hello readers! This is Siddhartha Garud, a student of the MSc program in microelectronics. My blog will be moulded by my diverse interests which span science, trivia, anthropology, travel, cultural.

Blog: sgarud.weblog.tudelft.nl

Preethi Padmanabhan - Electrical Engineering: Microelectronics

Hello Delft! It is 14 November 2014, the fall is set, leaves all over, vibrant colors I behold as long as my eyes can see! What more can I ask? Seldom did I think on 14th November, 2013 that I would be blogging for TU Delft the following year.

Blog: preethipadmanabhan.weblog.tudelft.nl/

Kris Shrishak - Electrical Engineering: Signals & Systems

I am Kris Shrishak, a thinker, an explorer, an engineer, a movie enthusiast, a quizzer and a lot more. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering (Signals and Systems track) at the Delft University of Technology.

Blog: shrishak.weblog.tudelft.nl

Ashish Kurian - EE: Telecommunications & Sensing Systems

Dimitris Patoukas - Embedded Systems

I am an embedded systems master student coming from an electrical engineering backround, specializing in software and networking. This blog is a record of experiences collected through everyday life while studying here, focusing mainly on the subjects that drive our world, technology and humans.

My main passion this season is the academic parts of student life. Interesting projects and experiments going on around the TUDELFT campus, engineering teams that compete around the world and experimental technology coming out of our labs. Also I enjoy finding out new startups that pop out around and follow them as they grow to success.

I hope I can give you a glimpse of the exuberant atmoshere we get to experience being part of the TUDelft community.


Li QiaoQiao - Embedded Systems

As a master student in Embedded Systems, Qiaoqiao Li has a lot to say about her academic and daily life in TU Delft. Born and raised in China, Qiaoqiao Li graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy and spent her first two years studying back in China.Qiaoqiao Li is passionate about international experience and is committed to sharing her feelings and having a positive impact on current and future peers.


Karan Narayan - in Sustainable Energy Technology

Hi! My name is Karan and I’m currently doing my Master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology at Delft. I’m from Mumbai, India but I went to high school in Dubai, UAE and went back to India for my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. I admire scientists, mathematicians and engineers who can break down complex ideas and make them accessible to a wide audience.

Through this blog, I’d like to bring to you the latest and greatest in the world of tech from the TU and try to showcase their broad relevance, while connecting them as intuitively as possible to fundamental scientific principles. Hope you enjoy the journey!


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