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Prof. dr. Miro Zeman
Head of the department
Electrical Sustainable Energy

T: +31 (0)15 278 6259

Electrical Sustainable Energy

The Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy comprises three scientific groups that are oriented on electrical sustainable energy. This is reflected in both research as well as educational activities.

All three groups closely work together on numerous research project within the field of Electrical Sustainable Energy while developing their own specific expertise on a scientific top-level.

Department research groups 

The head of the department: Prof.dr. M. (Miro) Zeman.

The secretariat: 
S. (Sharmila) Rattansingh
E. (Ellen) Schwencke-Karlas
I.N.J. (Ilona) van der Wenden

Mission and Strategy

The research mission of the department is to perform excellent research and education at an internationally recognized level in the field of electrical sustainable energy. The inspiration for the research topics is largely derived from technical, scientific, and social challenges deriving from the energy problems that present and future society is facing. Our strategic goals are to increase the renewable generation by 20% in 2020; increase the energy efficiency by 20% in the next decade; and to surf the power component replacement wave over 20 years with new component and power system solutions.

To achieve these goals the department includes many partners from other universities, research schools and the industry in its activities. In this way, both research and education can benefit from these cooperations.

Electrons will be the future energy carrier, making the electric grid the back bone of the sustainable energy system. The focus of the ESE department is on the electrical part of Sustainable Energy .

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