Applied Mathematics

Mathematics and mathematical research play an indispensable role in every technical discipline. This may range from new numerical methods for fluid dynamics computations, real time forecasting systems for weather, water and transport of hazardous materials, stochastic models of large networks, financial mathematics, statistical models of production and transport systems, and risk and decision support modeling in conjunction with large technical systems. Innovative mathematical research addresses the ever changing needs of society directly in the form of contract research, and it also contributes indirectly by supporting advanced research in a variety of other technical disciplines.

Apart from doing fundamental research at an international level, researchers in DIAM play an active role in applying research results to practical problems. Thus, there is an intensive cooperation with a number of research institutes (TNO, Deltares, NLR, MARIN, Shell, RIVM, KNMI) and with other faculties of TUD (CiTG, TNW, WbMt and TBM).

In addition several commercial software systems are made available to clients and colleagues in areas including forecasting water levels, inverse modeling, and risk analysis.

Mission statement

The mission of the DIAM is the mathematical modelling of physical, technical and societal phenomena using advanced mathematical techniques and methods in an applications driven manner.

Bachelor and Master programs

The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics of TU Delft gives entrance to the MSc Programme without selection. The same applies to BSc degrees in (Applied) Mathematics from the other Dutch universities and to corresponding degrees from Imperial College London, ETH Zürich and RWTH Aachen.

The Master of Science programme in Applied Mathematics is meant for students having a Bachelors degree in Mathematics or in an area providing a sufficiently advanced background in mathematics.




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