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 Roberto Mol, CE
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 Sander van den Oever, CS-ST
 Harish Krishnappa, EE-ESE
 Siddhartha Garud, EE-ME
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 Karan Narayan, SET

Master programmes

The master takes two years and the lectures are in English. The faculty offers 5 masters; 2 of them have tracks, which are full programmes.

Bioinformatics is realized in collaboration with Leiden University.

The EEMCS master programmes

Applied Mathematics

Read more about the master programme in Applied Mathematics.

Computer Engineering

Read more about the master programme in Computer Engineering...

Computer Science

There are 2 Computer Science tracks:

Special programmes:

You can also choose the EIT Master ICT innovation programme in which TU Delft paticipates. 

Electrical Engineering

There are 4 Electrical Engineering tracks.

You can also choose the European Wind Energy Master programme in which EEMCS provides the Electrical Power Systems track.

Embedded systems

Read more about the master programme Embedded Systems... 

Sustainable Energy Technology

Read more about the master programme Sustainable Energy Technology... 

European Wind Energy Master

Together with the faculty of Aerospace, the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering and international partners, EEMCS is involved in the Electrical Power Systems track of this European master programme. More information can be found at

EIT ICT Labs Master

The EIT ICT Labs Master's Programme is a two-year programme with seven technical majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Our students are building a curriculum based on their skills and interests. 20 European top universities, renown researchers and leading businesses are partnered with EIT ICT Labs to provide technical excellence leading to two master's degrees, the EIT ICT Labs Master's Certificate and hands on experience. Read more about this master at

Want to know more?

Send an email to or contact the master coordinators. You can find their contact information at the programme pages.

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