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Sit back, relax and watch ten of our scientists talk about their research and their tech-driven impact on society. Three out of the eleven EEMCS research themes are highlighted in this short film: Health, Data Science and Energy Transition. Our research areas like organs on a chip, social glass, smart grids and much more are all covered in a few minutes.

The research themes of EEMCS

  • Computational Science
  • Data Science
  • Energy Transition
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Next Generation Sensing & Communication
  • Quantum Computing
  • Safety & Security

Each of the themes has substructural research programmes.

There is a lot of synergy between groups that are more technological and groups that are more practical orientated. The goal is to contribute in finding technological answers to questions deriving from social and academic developments.

Both fundamental and applied science are regularly crossed in order to obtain the best result. Multi-disciplinary research is stimulated. Naturally, the main concern is to invent new concepts and to explore the technology to make things possible. The research in Delft – in close collaboration with the industry and knowledge institutes - has often led to new products.

Research schools & institutes

EEMCS participates in a lot of research schools and institutes and in most of the Delft Centres. The EEMCS faculty is the basis for the Delft Centre for ICT and the Delft Centre for Computational Science and Engineering.

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