Dick Epema appointed Professor of Distributed Systems

22 January 2016 by webredactie

Dick Epema was appointed Professor of Distributed Systems in the Faculty of EEMCS at TU Delft with effect from 1 July 2015. Prof. Epema has been working in the faculty since 1984. He has also been part-time Professor in Decentralized Distributed Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology since September 2011. On 27 May 2016, Prof. Epema will give his inaugural lecture at TU Delft.

Research lines

One of Prof. Epema's research lines focuses on the efficient processing of large amounts of data.  “In this research, I collaborate with Dr Alexandru Iosup. We are investigating how to enable large data centres to work more efficiently and researching graph processing: how to efficiently analyse large networks such as the one between all members of Facebook with their friend relationships,” says Prof. Epema.

Another research line centres on so-called peer-to-peer-systems and online social networks. The focus of this research has evolved from video sharing to reputation systems and digital currencies, such as BitCoin. Epema says: “In this research, I work  with Dr Johan Pouwelse. At present, BitCoin is not scalable and its system can only cope with a limited number of transactions per second. We would like to find methods for drastically increasing this number.”


Dick Epema studied Mathematics at Leiden University where he obtained first his MSc in 1979, and then his PhD in 1983. In 1988, he gained an MSc in Computer Science at TU Delft. Prof. Epema has been involved in a range of national research projects, including VL-e (grid computing) and I-Share (peer-to-peer computing), as well as EU projects, and is a participant in the national COMMIT programme (cloud computing). He has published more than140 scientific papers, has been a member of numerous programme committees in the field of  grids, clouds and peer-to-peer computing, and has organised a range of conferences in Delft. He is also an associate editor for the IEEE.


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