Data Science Tour at TU Delft Research Exhibition

18 May 2017 by web editor

Delft Data Science would like to invite you to the Data Science Tour at the largest science expo of the Netherlands: the TU Delft Research Exhibition on the 6th of June.


During the exhibition, Delft Data Science will give you a tour over the exhibition to show you all the Data Science done at the TU Delft.

Data scientists that we would like to highlight are amongst others:

Alessandro Bozzon, he will show his Social Glass platform wherein public available datasets and social media streams are combined

Cynthia Liem will show her research on the science of musical taste.

Johan Pouwelse is our top researcher on the topic of block chain.

Zaid Al-Ars is a very passionate researcher improving the world with his data science in the health domain.


There will be drinks at the end of the day.

The tour takes place between 14.00 and 17.00 hours and starts at Commissiekamer 3 at the Auditorium. Sign up on:



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