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28 EEMCS projects at TU Delft Research Exhibition 2017

24 May 2017

The nation's largest research exhibition is held right here on our campus from 6-8 June. The goal of the event is to connect researchers with potential partners in the corporate world, at governments or at knowledge institutes. This edition hosts 28 projects by EEMCS researchers. Pavol Bauwer and his team will give a demo 'Solar-powered bidirectional electric vehicle charging station' on 6 and 7...Continue


Data Science Tour at TU Delft Research Exhibition

18 May 2017

Delft Data Science would like to invite you to the Data Science Tour at the largest science expo of the Netherlands: the TU Delft Research Exhibition on the 6th of June. During the exhibition, Delft Data Science will give you a tour over the exhibition to show you all the Data Science done at the TU Delft.Continue


EEMCS launches international PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School

10 May 2017

Following a successful introduction of on campus and online education on solar energy, Delft University of Technology will launch an international Photovoltaic Systems Summer School from 2 to 9 July this year. By organizing the summer school, the university wants to serve participants who plan and desire taking a career step towards practical solar energy engineering and/or who already have a job...Continue


EEMCS active in two Gravitation programmes

10 May 2017

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has announced the distribution of funding within their Gravitation programme. Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, has made a total of €112.8 million available for the Gravitation programme, with the aim of boosting world-leading Dutch research. TU Delft is participating in three programmes, involving total funding...Continue

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