Bright Future

Welcome to the Bright Future website, in which our former dean Rob Fastenau presents his online farewell lecture. Rob was dean of the faculty from January 2011 until March 2017. He decided to only have an online version of his farewell speech, as a token of the online education activities of the TU Delft. The main theme of his speech is disruption. The three blocks of about 10 minutes can be viewed independently, but there is some logic in the order. The value of disruptive innovation for business and economic growth is discussed in block one with the growth and market value increase of FEI as an example. Rob was member of the executive board of FEI for several years. Europe needs to step up to this disruptive innovation challenge.

Today we notice disruptive innovation in the world of universities. This is discussed in block two, since the TU Delft tries to have a proactive position in the productivity miracle, that digitization and the internet offer. Block three focuses on product innovation again with the quantum computer effort of the TU Delft as an example, which leads to some ideas to improve upon the top sector policy of the Netherlands.

For his campus farewell Rob invited four Bright Young Minds of EEMCS for the Bright Future seminar. These presentations are accessible through this website too and Rob encourages you to have a look.

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