Unveiling of the EWICON mock-up

28 March 2013 | 15:45
location: Central Hal EEMCS, building 36, Mekelweg 4
by M&C EWI

The Mekelpark will be enriched by a sculpture, a stroke of genius and a sight to behold.

I take pleasure in inviting you to the unveiling of the EWICON*) mock-up in front of the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) building in TU Delft’s Mekelpark at 16:00 on Wednesday, 27 March 2013. We will be gathering in the hall at the Faculty of EEMCS from 15:45.

Drinks will then follow in the Faculty’s Hoogspanningshal with short presentations by

  • Francine Houben | Mecanoo architects on the form of the mock-up she designed, and
  • Dhiradj Djairam and Johan Smit | TU Delft on the technology and future potential of the EWICON.

You are warmly welcome to attend on 27 March, either in or outside the Faculty. 

*) The EWICON or Electrostatic WInd energy CONvertor can convert wind energy into electricity without moving parts. The Ewicon can be installed on land or sea, and can also be integrated in the roof of a tall building. The principle is as follows: Using high voltage, electrically charged droplets of water are produced in the horizontal elements. At the same time these horizontal elements, which are electrodes, generate an electric field. As the wind forces the electrically charged droplets against this electric field towards the earth, the converter is charged to DC

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