Contract Office

The Contract Office informs and advises you on internal and external education and research projects. The Contract Office is the intermediary between the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty and the clients/partners. The Contract Office acts mainly in the acquisition phase and to resolve matters of interpretation during the implementation phase.

Companies, institutes, organisations etc. outside TU Delft and project managers of the Faculty are advised by the agency on:

  • Contacts and Contracts
    Advice on subsidy opportunities, partnerships and contracts, both internally and externally at national and international level.
  • Acquisition
    Providing support within the faculty for the acquisition of contract education, research and consultancy.
  • Project proposals
    Providing support with project applications (e.g. drawing up contracts and conducting negotiations at both legal and financial level) and during the project implementation (matters of interpretation).

In addition, the office advises the mandated party (i.e. mandated in conformity with the TU Delft mandating policy) on the signing of contracts.

For more information you can contact the contract managers.

De Contractmanagers

Jan Raats



HB 16.110



+31 (0)15-2781548



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